2k Tweets…and still not a lot to say

2k Tweets…and still not a lot to say

Posted On: August 27, 2010
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Hey guys!

Apparently I’ve just hit 2,000 tweets over on Twitter, none of which were particularly memorable but that doesn’t mean that 2K should be any less cool! As such, leave a reply here with a real email address and I’ll pick some of you at random to win some even more random WoW/SC2/Diablo/Blizzard swag that I’ve managed to accumulate over the years. (As featured in Tweet #1926 http://yfrog.com/nedewcj – And no, the exercise bike isn’t up for grabs!)

Have a badass weekend and I’ll be back soon(tm) with some videos and fun for TurpsterVision!

Thanks for stopping by!

**EDIT** – After over a hundred well wishers/loot hungry internet fiends the contest is now closed and I’ll make sure to pick a nice chunk of winners via email letting them know what they have won along with requesting their postal address. If you don’t hear from me over the next few days then make sure to keep checking out TurpsterVision.tv where there will be loads more chances to win stuff on the lead up towards the Internet’s favourite day of the year, my Birthday!