Posted On: February 1, 2010

Who is Turpster?

I am a Blogger
I’ve had the pleasure to work with some of the biggest and best bloggers out there! I started out blogging for AOL’s Massively.com (Part of the Weblogs Inc Network – including sites such as Joystiq and Engadget) in 2008 where I wrote feature articles on the MMO industry. I later transferred across to WoW.com in 2009 to focus on my love for all things Warcraft.

Currently I am a free agent and you can find more personal thoughts/what I am working on at the moment/ramblings on my Twitter feed or here at TurpsterVision.tv

I am a Podcaster
I have worked as a live SHOUTcaster as well as an audio and video Podcaster. I have worked with large station organisations as well as on my own. I am well versed in production skills and a confident public speaker. I’ve had the pleasure to feature on the following Podcasts:

The Movielicious
The Instance
Bite Club
East Meets West
Twisted Nether Blogcast
WoW.com’s The WoW Insider Show
Massively.com‘s Massively Speaking
WCRadio.com‘s (Various Shows)

I am a Writer

I have experience in many forms of writing, from novels to script/copy writing. More of my work can be found in my portfolio.

I am an Animator
I am studying in the second year of Animation at UWE in Bristol specialising in Computer Generated Imagery using programs such as Maya, ZBrush, Photoshop, After Effects and Final Cut Pro. Last year I worked on several group projects including; a CGI 90 second animation in Maya, and a 20+ person strong team working on a ‘HIV Awareness’ piece for the Terrance Higgins Trust.

I am a Designer
I have designed in many genres and mediums. I have strong graphic design skills, both in website creation and personal/corporate branding. I create concept art for new games, animations and stories. I have also designed many games, both table top and computer based. My skills in writing lend themselves to this discipline.

and if all of this doesn’t impress you, just remember I am one funny dude